2003 Porsche Cayenne Towing Capacity Chart & Weight Limits

Towing Capacity
S 4dr All-wheel Drive
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 6746 lb; Curb Weight: 4949 lb; Payload Capacity: 1797 lb;
Towing Capacity: 7,716lbs
Turbo 4dr All-wheel Drive
Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR): 6790 lb; Curb Weight: 5192 lb; Payload Capacity: 1598 lb;
Towing Capacity: 7,716lbs

Not a few motorists were interested in their own Cayenne towing capacity, besides motor effeciency and the optimum haul weight. Therefore, if you hitherto can`t get a distinct sense of all these issues, our industry experts want give you a lift. On this page one may notice the maximum payload for all of the 2003 Cayenne powertrains, their towing capacity specifics and knowledge as concerns the power they all can make.

All the handy information in regards to the 2003 Cayenne towing capacity you can meet in our functional and well-arranged charts. Here an auto enthusiast may find the the materials concerning torque and horsepower for every single engine, apart from the figure for any 2003 Cayenne engine to haul and draw.

It should be pointed out that this capacity of your respective 2003 Cayenne is actually the pointer of how much pondage it may tow trailing harmlessly. In consideration of the used items and powertrain of your respective motor vehicle, the towing capacity may vary. In essence, the tow rating will probably be greater in the event the automobile has more hp and, thus, a more effective and impressive engine.