2003 Porsche Cayenne MPG for City & Highway

City Highway
S 4dr All-wheel Drive
Engine: no data; Horsepower: 340 hp; Torque: 310 Lb-ft; 0-60 mph 0-100 kmh s: 6.8 sec;
City: 14mpg
Highway: 20mpg
Turbo 4dr All-wheel Drive
Engine: no data; Horsepower: 450 hp; Torque: 457 Lb-ft; 0-60 mph 0-100 kmh s: 5.3 sec;
City: 13mpg
Highway: 20mpg

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Certainly, numerous car owners may have had a query “How are ordinary MPG figures determined?”. The Worldwide Harmonised Light Vehicle Test Procedure (WLTP) helps you to get not only those numbers but in addition undertakes to assess the factors that touch your own 2003 Cayenne fuel economy. By way of illustration, one of those particular aspects could be a trim level or recommended devices.