How much horsepower does a 2012 Porsche Cayenne have?

Horsepower Torque
Turbo 4dr All-wheel Drive
0-60 Times: 4.2 sec; Quarter Mile: 13 sec;
Horsepower: 500hp
Torque: 516Lb-ft
S 4dr All-wheel Drive
0-60 Times: 5.6 sec; Quarter Mile: 14 sec;
Horsepower: 400hp
Torque: 369Lb-ft
Base 4dr All-wheel Drive
0-60 Times: 7.7 sec; Quarter Mile: 15.9 sec;
Horsepower: 300hp
Torque: 295Lb-ft

The hp of any auto is widely mentioned - you may catch it on TV adverts, while reading a post regarding the automobile matter or perhaps notice one more new banner ad on your streets. The Cayenne was ordinary noted for constructing its vehicles with common functions, taking on the first place soundness and ease. So, your 2012 Cayenne is not going to be the exception and all its hp specifications one can readily meet on our company`s internet page.

An automobilist may consider her or his 2012 Cayenne a powerful auto just in case the whole weight is actually related to its power. In order to this, the more impressive hp sign can surely talk about increased speeding. In fact it is clear-cut since your Cayenne will take so much potency to accelerate its peculiar weight. Therefore, the band of our car gurus looked at these information and facts for 2012 Cayenne and shown them in sane charts. An auto enthusiast would meet there the hp and weight along with a lot of other essential aspects for your Cayenne productivity.